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Essential AWS Products to Support
Your Digital Transformation
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Amazon EC2 offers cost-effective scalability and flexibility for application compute capacity in the cloud. It provides high-performance and secure environments for Windows-based apps, with on-demand instance availability and pay-as-you-go pricing.

Amazon EC2 Image Builder

Automate secure AMI creation with Amazon EC2 Image Builder. It simplifies image management, reduces maintenance effort, ensures compliance, and accelerates deployment, enhancing security and efficiency in your infrastructure.

AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate provides serverless compute for containers. Enjoy effortless management, increased productivity, reduced infrastructure overhead, improved scalability, and enhanced security with this highly flexible and efficient container orchestration service.

Amazon EKS

Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) offers managed Kubernetes for containerized applications. Benefit from easy cluster management, automatic scaling, high availability, secure workload isolation, and seamless integration with AWS services for enhanced application deployment.

AWS Serverless Application Repository

The AWS Serverless Application Repository simplifies the discovery, deployment, and sharing of serverless applications. It accelerates development, fosters community collaboration, and optimizes efficiency, all while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda provides serverless compute for running code without provisioning or managing servers. Enjoy automatic scaling, pay-per-use pricing, event-driven architecture, seamless integration with AWS services, and accelerated development for efficient and scalable applications.

AWS DynamoDB

Experience the game-changing power of AWS DynamoDB, a highly scalable and reliable NoSQL database that seamlessly integrates with AWS, empowering you to build exceptional applications without the hassle of database administration.

AWS Relational Databases

Streamline your data management with AWS Relational Databases (RDS), where you can effortlessly deploy, scale, and secure fully managed database engines like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle in the cloud, backed by automated backups and high availability.

Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora empowers businesses with a high-performance and scalable cloud-native relational database engine that simplifies data management, offers exceptional performance, and provides automated backups, fault-tolerant architecture, and top-tier security features.

Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Unleash the power of Amazon Elasticsearch Service for real-time data exploration, analysis, and visualization. With seamless integration, scalability, and robust querying capabilities, gain valuable insights and build advanced search applications effortlessly. Experience efficient data management with Amazon Elasticsearch Service.

Amazon ElasticCache

Accelerate applications with Amazon ElastiCache, a fully managed in-memory data store and cache service. Seamlessly integrate Redis and Memcached for improved performance and reduced database load. Scale effortlessly, ensure high availability, and optimize costs with ElastiCache's flexible architecture.

Amazon Neptune

Unleash the potential of connected data with Amazon Neptune. Our managed graph database service streamlines complex data storage, analysis, and insights, empowering you to make smarter decisions. With high performance and seamless AWS integration, Neptune fuels innovation in the data-driven era.

AWS Mobile Hub

Accelerate mobile app development with AWS Mobile Hub. Streamline backend services, user authentication, push notifications, and analytics in one centralized platform. Enhance user engagement and optimize your app with ease.

Amazon Pinpoint

Drive customer engagement with Amazon Pinpoint. Send targeted messages, analyze user behavior, and optimize marketing campaigns. Unlock data-driven insights and connect with customers across multiple channels.

AWS AppSync

Accelerate app development with AWS AppSync. Simplify API creation, data sync, and offline capabilities for real-time applications. Seamlessly connect to various data sources, benefit from real-time updates, and enhance user engagement.

AWS Amplify

Simplify frontend and backend development with AWS Amplify, a comprehensive set of tools and services that enables you to build scalable, secure applications faster by providing features like authentication, storage, APIs, and hosting, allowing you to focus on delivering innovative user experiences and accelerating development cycles.

AWS Device Farm

Streamline mobile app testing with AWS Device Farm. Test Android and iOS apps on real devices for optimal performance and compatibility. Automate testing, detect issues early, and deliver reliable mobile experiences with Device Farm.

Amazon Location Service

Elevate your applications with Amazon Location Service. Simplify map integration, geocoding, and tracking features for enhanced user experiences. Leverage geospatial data effortlessly and scale your location-aware applications with Amazon Location Service.

Amazon Route 53

Achieve reliable and scalable domain management with Amazon Route 53. Seamlessly route traffic, manage domains, and ensure global availability for your applications. Experience secure and efficient DNS services with Route 53.


Harness the power of AWS VPC to create secure and highly scalable cloud networks. With complete control over network architecture, traffic management, and data privacy, you can customize your infrastructure to meet your specific requirements. Seamlessly connect to on-premises networks and enjoy the flexibility and control of AWS VPC for your cloud-based applications.

AWS CloudFront

Deliver content faster and reliably with AWS CloudFront. This global CDN offers low-latency distribution, advanced caching, real-time analytics, and robust security features. Accelerate your digital experiences effortlessly with CloudFront.

AWS Transit Gateway

Streamline network connectivity with AWS Transit Gateway. Simplify architecture, connect VPCs and on-premises networks, and enforce consistent security policies. Enhance connectivity and simplify management with Transit Gateway.

AWS PrivateLink

Securely access AWS services and third-party applications with AWS PrivateLink. Enhance data privacy, security, and connectivity with private network access. Simplify your network architecture and protect sensitive data with AWS PrivateLink.

AWS Elastic Load Balancer

Optimize traffic distribution and improve application availability with AWS Elastic Load Balancer. This fully managed service scales automatically, ensuring high performance and fault tolerance. Simplify your infrastructure and deliver a reliable user experience with Elastic Load Balancer.

AWS Cloud9

Boost development workflows with AWS Cloud9. This cloud-based IDE provides a collaborative coding experience with debugging and built-in AWS integrations. Simplify development, foster collaboration, and unleash the power of AWS services with Cloud9.

AWS CodeBuild

Automate build and test processes with AWS CodeBuild. Accelerate software delivery and ensure code quality with this fully managed service. Simplify your CI/CD pipeline with AWS CodeBuild.

AWS CodePipeline

Orchestrate and automate your software release process with AWS CodePipeline. This fully managed continuous delivery service allows you to build, test, and deploy applications with ease. With CodePipeline, you can create custom workflows, integrate with various tools and services, and achieve faster time to market. Streamline your release process and drive agility with AWS CodePipeline.

Amazon Corretto

Optimize Java applications with Amazon Corretto. This no-cost, production-ready distribution of OpenJDK offers long-term support, security patches, and performance enhancements. Simplify Java development and ensure compatibility with Amazon Corretto.


Analyze and optimize application performance with AWS X-Ray. Gain insights into performance bottlenecks, visualize dependencies, and simplify debugging for improved efficiency.


Simplify cloud infrastructure provisioning with AWS CDK. Define infrastructure as code using familiar programming languages and efficiently manage AWS resources. Accelerate deployment and ensure consistent infrastructure with CDK.


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